front-end developer with an ambition to go full stack while trying to not procrastinate

currently learning web design

I am not an expressive person as my reply usually tend to be ‘mmh’ and ‘hmm’ but hopefully you’ll get to know me a bit more from here. :)

Originally from Pokhara, Nepal, a beautiful place surrounded by mountain range in the North that you can never get tired of looking.

Currently residing in the UK, studying MA Web Design and Content Planning at University of Greenwich.

I was always fond of drawing and designing and have tried it both traditional and digital ways. But I have always struggled with the creativity so I tend to drop it often.

Developing games was also what I aimed to do during my school days. Which led me to learn coding and then join a Computing course for my Bachelors Degree.

The feeling of joy you get after successfully solving a problem and seeing it on your screen never gets old for me. Even more so when you keep having bugs.

During free times I like to play games... a bit too much perhaps, and reading mangas or watching animes. I am a sucker for romcom genre so Your Lie in April is one of my top picks to watch.

And I also like listening to music a lot of times. I don't really explore too much so its just some comfort musics mainly. Currently my favorite artist to listen to is EDEN.


  • Android
  • Coding
  • Sweet Stuff
  • Romcom/Thriller Genre
  • Autumn


  • IOS
  • Bugs/Insects
  • Bitter Stuff
  • Sitcom/Horror Genre
  • Summer